Poiesis of Creative Cosmos Book Launch Recordings

Australia Book Birth Celebration May 13th, 2023

in the author’s homelands – a bit of ceremony included, from the Introduction to the book.

Mistress of Ceremony, Tess Elliott and Keynote Speaker, Jan Roberts.


USA Book Launch April 27th, 2023

Special thanks to Leonor Murciano-Luna for her beautiful drumming. We would also like to acknowledge our beloved Foremothers, Miriam Robbins Dexter and Charlene Spretnak, for their honored presence with us.

Communion of Goddess ceremony included towards the end, based on Summer Solstice Communion rite (as per p. 273 – 274): you may like to have some bread and wine/juice with you, to participate.


European Book Launch Party, April 17th 2023

– readings, insights, and sharing the Triple Goddess Breath Meditation (from p. 352-353).


For book description, some endorsements and to purchase: A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos: Celebrating Her within PaGaian Sacred Ceremony

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