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Lammas Dedication

In Lammas ceremony as it has been done in PaGaian tradition (for a decade in MoonCourt), each participant has been invited by Dark Ancient Creative and Compassionate One to make a dedication to Deep Self. She says: “Step forward, one at a time, as you are ready, offer your bread figure, and speak if you wish. […]

Lammas – the Sacred Consuming

Lammas may be summarised as the Season that marks and celebrates the Sacred Consuming, the Harvest of Life: as it is in PaGaian Cosmology. Many Indigenous cultures have recognised the grain itself, or any food, as Mother … Corn Mother being one of those images – She who feeds the community, the world, with Her […]

Seasons of the Light

           As Summer draws to a close in the Southern Hemisphere, we are leaving behind the light part of the year’s cycle around the Sun, the Summer Solstice in late December being the point of that interchange. The lightest quarter of the year anywhere on our planet is in the period […]

from Dusk to Night @ MoonCourt

A series of photos of MoonCourt Goddess ceremonial space (Blue Mountains, Australia) – from dusk to night, in honour and celebration of the waxing Dark here …  Notice the star becoming visible in the centre of the roof “eye”. As Thomas Berry said: “The night has advanced. The stars are more brilliant than ever.” (Evening Thoughts, […]

PaGaian Lammas – Celebrating an Autopoietic Cosmos

 She Who receives all, transforms all – in every moment Lammas may be a Seasonal Moment for the recognition of the autopoietic quality of Cosmogenesis [1], the Larger Self whom we are –and the power each thing has to participate directly in the cosmos-creating endeavour” (Swimme and Berry The Universe Story p.75) : it is a powerful thing to […]

Lammas Thoughts … and a few Imbolc ones

We drift towards Lammas in the Southern Hemisphere … after the Summer Solstice, the peaking of light, the fullness of being, there comes the falling apart: the rose, the flower, peaks in beauty, then she fades, falls apart … the petals drop, and the seed is exposed. Sometimes the falling apart, the dissolution, comes abruptly […]

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