More on Holy Desire

Our desire, our longing, is the Beloved, is the Universe, desiring in us.

(PaGaian Beltaine script 2013)

Brian Swimme says: “I didn’t make up this desire: it is the Universe desiring in me.” and “Where does the Universe experience its ultimate desire?” … “within any particular.” (somewhere in Canticle to the Cosmos)

We are united in our Desire – for Water, Fire, Earth, and Air … and in any of our desires – with each other, and with all who have come before us and all who will come after us, in their Desire and their longing.

Beltaine may be a special Moment for remembering that we are the Beauty whom She Desires, and to call that Beauty forth in ourselves and in each other … to SEE that Beauty. I have had a Holy Desire to manifest more Beauty in the world … maybe you have too: is that at the root of your desire, your passion – to manifest more beauty in the world?


She is “that which is attained at the end of Desire”.

(The Charge of the Goddess, Doreen Valiente)

Feel it.

This is the Centre of Creativity … the Creativity of Earth, Moon and Sun, of Beloved and Lover.

It is a “Creative Potency” that each being must have.

In some languages, desire and creation are inseparable (for example, “duil” in Irish). Religions of more recent times in the human story – generally patriarchal – that emphasize a Deity “out there”, have not enabled the sight of essential ultimate cosmic beauty in the self … the Sacred innate to each being. Yet many ancient creation stories tell us that all comes forth from such perception – the desire for the cosmos within, represented in the physical form. It is an understanding that the physical form is identical with ultimate cosmic unfolding – is the Beloved present. Form itself is the Lover. Each being will do what it needs to do to ensure a sense of Potency, to find the Beloved.

(c) Glenys Livingstone 2013

Reference: Re-Visioning Mythologies of Gender/Sex by Glenys Livingstone, Goddess Pages issue 9

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