PaGaian Cosmology Meditations

PaGaian Cosmology Meditations

a set of three CDs and 16 page booklet

by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

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 This set of three CDs with booklet is a treasure. … Livingstone’s narration delivery, including pace and timing of pauses, is outstanding – easy to understand and neither overly dramatic nor boring, but rather wonderfully appropriate. Each meditation includes music, and when there is music, the balance between the narration and music seems perfect to me. … These are meditations of great depth, which contain both mystery and celebration…., and is likely to appeal to both those beginning on the Goddess path as well as those who have been on it for a while. I recommend it with gratitude for the technical perfection of its audio and the spiritual depth of its contentJudith Laura, blogging as Medusa, on Medusa Coils author of Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century and Goddess Matters: The Mystical, Practical & Controversial  

I find the presentation beautiful and the content very uplifting. I am looking forward to many hours of meaningful meditation. Thank you very much.  Dr. Claire French, author of The Celtic Goddess.

Digital: $19.95:   Buy Now Button  PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing digital tracks, you will need to click on “Return to Glenys Livingstone” in PayPal to access and download your track: it will not be automatic unless you do this. FOR INDIVIDUAL TRACKS see this post

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Cost international: $AUD28 plus $14.90 postage per set:  please order each set individually for post purposes.   Buy Now Button

In these times of deep change, a return to sacred ceremony seems necessary – medicinal, even urgent – for the wholing and healing of each and all, for the remembering of who and where we are. Participating consciously in the sacred process of Earth’s everyday journey around Sun, the wheel of the year, is a Poiesis … the making of a world.

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These meditations are based on decades of ceremonial devotional practice and meditations that have been part of PaGaian Seasonal class meetings at MoonCourt, Blue Mountains Australia. Each meditation is a ceremony/ritual in itself. They may support and nurture individual or group participation in the seasonal transitions, and  contemplation of Earth/Cosmos based connection … a wholing connection with larger self in the full cycle of Her creativity: inviting your own creative process within the cosmology offered.

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Though these meditations are prescriptive: that is, pre-scribing a creative process, I allow room within that for any person or group to vary some things for themselves … there is space for your own scribing/authoring within the cosmology offered to you.

For a taste: Samhain/Deep Autumn meditation on SoundCloud and also Summer Solstice Give-Away


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