Solstice Season Give-Away


As the first New Moon after December Solstice on our Planet appears in the evening sky,

I offer freely the Summer Solstice/Litha Meditation from my PaGaian Cosmology Meditations CDs (disc 3, tracks 1 and 2, both the preparation and the meditation). It may not be Summer where you are, but the Summerland is always within, and its truth may be expressed in every moment.


Summer Solstice/Litha Preparation (1:21)

Summer Solstice/Litha Meditation (7:22)

You may enjoy this meditation so much that you desire some more! … in which case you may purchase the whole set in digital format or as 3 CDs and 16 page booklet: PaGaian Cosmology Meditations and review.

cover 1

As is said in PaGaian Summer Solstice ceremony: “We bless you and the Gift that you are.”


[i] A term used by Starhawk for naming the Season of Summer Solstice, The Spiral Dance, p.219.

[ii] the music with the Summer SolsticeMeditation is Extending a Hand from CD Glorious Woman generously given freely by Nick Alias


  1. Parkinson, Erin · · Reply

    Hi Glenys,
    I hope this email finds you and Taffy well.
    I have your CD and have been thinking I should start preparing for the next Seasonal Moment with your Meditations. So thank you for the gentle push!
    How beautiful that you offer this freely, so kind, so loving.
    I think I have expressed this to you previously but I would like to thank you and Taffy again for welcoming me into your home and MoonCourt and for the work that you do and the passion you express.
    Even though I have only been attending for such a short time I feel more connected and have more understanding of my place in the cosmos and my relatedness to all. Makes me think about my actions and words more consistently.
    I’m also paying attention to the changes in Her, both obvious and subtle and am finding beauty everywhere I am.
    You have also reminded me that balance of light and dark is normal and one can not be without the other.
    For all this and more I thank you deeply and think of you daily.
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
    Much love,
    Erin xxoo

    Sent from Erin’s iPhone

    1. wow Erin I feel very moved by your appreciation. Thank you so much for expressing all this, and your deep awareness of self, other and all.
      Much Love

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