Situating in the Womb of Gaia: a PaGaian Contemplation

Situating in the Womb of Gaia:

a PaGaian Contemplation of Her Creative Place

together with

Casting the Circle, MoonCourt Australia (PaGaian style):

a poetic variation of how the elements are referred to in PaGaian Solstice ceremony for both Summer and Winter, using metaphor from Brian Swimme‘s book “The Universe is a Green Dragon”.

both videos contributed as part of Day 1 of the

 Nine Day Solstice Celebration by Mago Academy

all of the nine day program remains available.

Day 6 offers “Goddess Pilgrimage” by Kaalii Cargill

one hour virtual Goddess Pilgrimage to Greece, Italy, Malta, Turkey, and Korea. A background slideshow of 500 original photos of sacred sites and ancient artefacts, with a conversation with Carol P. Christ, recorded especially for this program, and a photo essay by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang about Mago Pilgrimage to Korea.

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