The Passing of Last Summer’s Growth


IMG_0084The ‘passing of last Summer’s growth’ may be a metaphor for the passing of all/any that has come to fullness of being, or that has had a fullness, a blossoming of some kind and borne fruit, which has been received: and it may be in hearts and minds, an event or events, that were a deep communion, now passed and dissolved into receptive hearts and minds, where it/they reside for reconstitution within each unique being.

Samhain is traditionally understood as ‘Summer’s end’: indeed that is what the word ‘Samhain’ means. In terms of the seasonal transitions, Summer is over as the Seasonal Moment of Lammas comes around, the first marked transition after Summer Solstice; its passing and losses may have been grieved, its bounty received, thanksgiving felt and expressed (perhaps ceremonially at Autumn Equinox/Mabon); yet now it composts, clearly falls, as darkness and cooler weather sets in, change is clearer. In the places where this Earth-based tradition arose, Winter could be sensed setting in at this time, and changes to everyday activity had to be made. In our times and in our personal lives, we may sense this kind of ending, when change becomes necessary, no longer arbitrary: and the Seasonal Moment of Samhain may be an excellent moment for expressing these deep truths, telling the deep story, and making meaning of the ending, as we witness such passing.

IMG_0039And we may wonder what will return from the dissolution? What re-solution will be found? We may wonder what new shapes will emerge. In the compost of what has been, what new syntheses, new synergies, may come forth? Now is the time for dreaming, for drawing on the richness within, trusting the sentience, within which we are immersed, and which we are: and then awaiting the arrival, being patient with the fermentation and gestation.

seizeSeize the moment, this Moment – and converse with the depths within, your own bodymind, wherein She is. Make space for the sacred conversation, the Conversing with your root and source of being, take comfort in this presence; and ponder what yet unkown beauty and  wellness may emerge from this infinite well of creativity. The Samhain Moment (Southern Hemisphere) is 18:58  UT 5th May this year (4:58 6th May EST Australia). And it also co-incides with a very new Moon. Wishing you a sense of the deep communion present in the sacred space you make.

© Glenys Livingstone, Samhain 2019.

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