Our Mother

Our Mother

Who is with us,

Holy is Our Being.

Thy Kin-dom is present.

Thy Desire is felt throughout the Cosmos.

We graciously receive your Infinite Daily Abundance.

May we forgive each other and ourselves our lack of skill and insensitivity.

May we understand our Inner Guidance,

and perceive each other’s needs.

For Thine is the Kin-dom, the Power and the Story,

in never-ending renewal.

Blessed Be.

Glenys Livingstone, PaGaian Cosmology (iUniverse 2005), p.259

Composed by Glenys Livingstone and Taffy Seaborne, with acknowledgement of Karen Davis, “A Peacable Kin-dom and the Ethics of Eating”, EarthLight, Issue 51 Vol 14 No.2, p.54, for the term “Kin-dom”; though she may not have been the originator of the term. “Kin-dom” is used a lot by Christian feminist theologians: thanks Mary Ann Beavis for this refinement of note.

NOTE: from p.258 PaGaian Cosmology: “Sometimes it has been a useful exercise to re-write prayers or songs that I learnt perhaps too well as a child or later, to re-speak them and imbue them carefully with my new understandings. It is another way of spelling one’s self, of changing one’s mind – to articulate one’s own prayers and with each word and phrase to honour what one now truly believes to be so. It is also the case that many of the prayers and praises that are found in the patriarchal religions of recent human history are quite often founded upon the expressions of some earlier Earth-based Goddess religion that is now unmentioned and buried. So any re-writing and listening to one’s own interpretations of the pattern of the prayer may end up being closer to its original sense, as well as speaking a new moment.”

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