Cosmic Silent Night for Winter Solstice

Written by Connie Barlow

This Cosmic version of Silent Night has been a traditional part of PaGaian Winter Solstice ceremony for over a decade now, sung after the ceremonial lighting of the fire, and  announcement is made of our Origins.

 For each verse, the first and last lines are always the same:

FIRST LINE: Silent night. Holy night. All is calm. All is bright.
LAST LINE: Life abounds upon Earth. Life abounds upon Earth.

1. PLAN-ets GRACE-ful-ly CIR-cle the SUN
STAR-dust CY-cles through EV-er-y ONE

2. RA-di-ant BEAMS from PRI-mor-dial STARS
CLUMPED in-to PLAN-ets like VE-nus and MARS

3. CAR-bon NI-tro-gen AND cal-ci-UM
ALL were BORN in-side AN-ces-tral SUNS

4. DEATH and re-CY-cling of MILL-ions of STARS
BROUGHT forth PLAN-ets and ALL that we ARE

5. SIL-ver GOLD and TI-ta-ni-UM
FORGED in STARS be-fore EARTH had be-GUN

6. FLAR-ing FORTH a-cross HEAV-en a-BOVE
SU-per-NO-vas made ALL that we LOVE

NOTE: This “stardust” version of Silent Night was first used by Connie at the December 21, 2003, intergenerational Sunday service of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson, South Carolina.

Here it is on YouTube: Silent Night (for the cosmically inclined)


For the full script offered for Winter Solstice ceremony, see Winter Solstice, Chapter 7, PaGaian Cosmology



IMG_0016For a related Winter Solstice meditation, see PaGaian Cosmology Meditations (available digitally, and individually)



  1. Aidan Magellan Gabriel Moore · · Reply

    As an unqualified follower and respecter of Danu I hesitate to comment or participate but I have been advised by a qualified friend to send these verses that I sing to the midwinter carol Silent Night. Make of them what you will.

    Gondwana Night
    by Aidan

    Silent night, Holy night
    Earth is calm, stars are bright
    World where life can in sentience bloom
    Born in numberless forms from Her womb
    We the children of Gaia
    Praise thee our beautiful Earth

    Silent night, holy night
    Countless worlds come to birth
    Hera the Galaxy circles above
    Star-clouds of breastmilk the sign of Her love
    Mother of worlds without number
    Mother of our mother Earth

    Silent night, holy night
    All around, Si-le (Shee-leh) reigns
    ‘Seel’ in German, ‘le Ciel’ in French
    ‘Soul’ in English, ‘celest’ long-since known
    Maze of galaxies spreading
    ‘Ego to eimi ho own’*

    Silent night, Holy night
    Soul of the Universe, home of light
    Mother of Life and of sentience too
    God must really be female like you
    Praise to the Sentient Cosmos
    Mother of Life strong and true

    *God described Herself to Moses thus (in Greek translation). In English it says ‘I am existence’.

    1. Wow, thank you so much Aiden; wonderful composition. I am sure that Connie Barlow would be impressed too. Would you mind if I shared with her? I will think of you singing this. cheers, Glenys

  2. Aidan Magellan Gabriel Moore · · Reply

    As I said ‘Make of it what you will’. Thank you for your acceptance.
    There is a slightly improved version on my FB Timeline/Portrait page

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